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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500/i9505 Repairs UK, fast Samsung S4 i9500/i9505 repair service
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Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs UK- Get your Samsung Galaxy S4 mended today

Repairs UK have technicians that are highly trained in Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs. Using our expertise, the professional Samsung Galaxy S4 repairs we carry out are to the highest standard. We only use quality reliable parts and our team of technicians are capable of repairing most Samsung Galaxy S4 faults, and in the unlikely event that we are unable to mend your Samsung Galaxy S4 all you pay is the return postage and the diagnostic fee. If it cannot be fixed we will be happy to discuss the options of trading in your broken device for a new one or a reconditioned one. We pride ourselves on customer service and the engineer allocated to your repair will always keep you informed of the status of your repair, and if necessary contact you with further options.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Diagnostic Service

Do you have a problem with your Samsung Galaxy S4 and not sure of the fault? Our diagnostic service is the perfect solution to find the fault with your device. Repairs UK technicians will test and check every aspect of your device. We will then call you to discuss your options before we carry out any work.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Glass Screen Repair / Digitiser Replacement

Our technicians will repair or replace the Samsung Galaxy S4 front glass screen and digitiser. If you are having problems with parts of the touch screen not working or if you have smashed / cracked the screen then this is the option you need. All Samsung Galaxy S4 glass screen replacements are carried out onsite. If you have smashed or dropped your Samsung Galaxy S4 and cracked the screen do not worry as we specialise in Samsung Galaxy S4 screen replacements and repair devices all across the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD Display Repair / Replacement 

Have you damaged the Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD (the picture you see on your device) which is below the main front glass screen digitiser. If the LCD is damaged, you will notice your screen has gone white, or there is a series of discoloured lines appearing, or possibly just a blank display. Repairs UK can replace the LCD of your device and get it working like new.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Port Repair

Has your Samsung Galaxy S4 stopped taking charge or has the charging cable snapped inside. We can repair or replace the charging port. Also sometimes this is called a docking port.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Water Damage Repair Inspection

Dropped your Samsung Galaxy S4 in water, put it through the washing machine, been the pub and spilt beer/wine on it, dropped it down the toilet or in the bath ? These are some of the common problems we encounter with customers spilling/dropping liquid over their device. This inspection fee is to clean the board and any corrosion on your device and hopefully get your device working again. You may require parts at an extra cost. Please note we do not offer warranty on water damage repairs.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Microphone Repair

If people can not hear you when you speak or it sounds all muffled then the Mic repair service we offer is what you need.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Back Replacement

Has your Samsung Galaxy S4 become scratched and seen better days ? If so we can replace the back and have your device looking brand new like the day you bought it.

Bricked Samsung Galaxy S4 Restore

Did you think you knew what you were doing when you tried to modify your Samsung Galaxy S4 or did your software crash half way through during an update. Then you realised it is not working at all or showing the dreaded logo. If so we can unbrick your device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

Is your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery not lasting as long as it used too ? We will replace your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery so it lasts the same amount of time as when you first had it. The battery life on an Samsung Galaxy S4 shortens over time, the same as any battery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware Restoration

Is your Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck on the logo, displaying a connect to computer message, or in the infinite boot loop cycle. We can provide a full software and firmware restoration on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button Repairs

When you press the home button does nothing happen or it sticks ? We can replace the sticking/not working home button for you as that button is one of the most used buttons on the device and we know what it’s like.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Repair / Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S4 camera stopped working or pictures marked or blurry, if so we are here to help. We can either repair or replace your camera so you can start snapping again.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Power Button Repairs

It is a annoying problem on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that over time the power button starts to fail and you have to press it in harder to make the device turn on or switch off. Then eventually the power button stops working altogether. We can fix and replace the Samsung Galaxy S4 power button for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Volume Button Repairs

Have the volume buttons ceased working ? Then this is the repair you need. We will repair or replace the volume buttons for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Headphone Jack Repairs

Are you not getting sound from your headphones, or only out of one ear ? If so choose this service.

 If it can be fixed, Repairs UK can fix it.

4 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S4 Repairs

  1. 5 out of 5


    Samsung Galaxy S4 with speaker problems, took it in to these guys and they fixed within the hour

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thanks for a flawless Galaxy S4 software repair. I messed about rooting my S4 and did not know what i was doing, these guys unrooted my Galaxy S4 for me.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have had my Galaxy S4 3 days and dropped it and smashed the back, i had my Galaxy S4 back replaced in 2 days, as the phone is quite new they did not have the backs in stock but they got one next day so they did exactly what they said. Top service

  4. 5 out of 5


    I had my Galaxy S4 phone 1 day and crashed it twice. these guys reset the software for me within the hour. Thanks

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