Are you an ASUS Certified repair centre?

I have a nexus 7 V2 Tablet, with a big crack down the middle of the front glass. I contacted John Lewis (where I got the unit from last May) and the guy on the other end of the phone said it would \’probably be a couple of hundred quid to be honest\’, which I know is a lie as I can buy a new nexus for that much! The thing is, I really don\’t want to invalidate the warranty on the tablet in case it goes wrong (it already has once). The John Lewis man said that the repairer must be ASUS Certified in order not to invalidate my warranty. Are you ASUS certified?In addition – how much will it cost to replace the glass, and how long will it take – is it unrealistic to expect it back before Christmas?

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Hi there, we are an independent ASUS repair centre that have completed 1000’s of ASUS repairs. I have just been on the ASUS website and it led me to believe to keep the warranty you would have to go through them by filling in the RMA form. 


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