boot loop on nexus 5

I am an American studying here in the UK using a Nexus 5 on an American carrier.  Yesterday, i was using my phone, everything was worling perfectly fine, and when I put it down while the screen was awake, it turned itself off.  and it hasnt turned back on since.  when i got home i plugged it in and it would boot loop. this happened all night up until i sent this question.  ive read forums all night, and tried everything i read to fix t but it still boot loops.  do you have any ideas

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Hi there!
Usually this is caused by the software on the phone, and occasionally by the power button. 
The only way you will know which, is to reflash the phone software, which is a service that we offer. Though it is a 50/50 chance as to whether or not it will work, and if it doesnt the phone isnt worth repairing, as the only option then is a full main board replacement, which would cost more than a new one.
If you want more information about getting it flashed, please send us an email via the contact forms, and we will get back to you (:
Many thanks


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