Can my tablet be fixed? Samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1

I was abroad and my tab started draining really fast.
After a while I some the battery went flat as it wouldn’t power up despite several attempts to charge it.
I took to a local electronics store (my mistake!) And they opened it up and when charging they said they motherboard was warm in the correct place.
They then took a black thing off the MB…they then admitted failure and gave me the stuff back.
So I now have a tablet, that wasn’t powering up and now has a component taken off of the MB, the bit is still in there though.
I realise things don’t sound good but I’m hoping you can help. Any chance of saving my tablet? 

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Hi there!
If they have pulled something off of your main board, its possible that they have made a much bigger problem for you, than you originally had.
It sounded like you may have had a charging port issue, which could easily be fixed, but until we see whats been pulled off, and assess it, its hard to say whether it can be fixed or not. Get it sent to us, with your details, and we will more than happily take a look for you (:
Many thanks!


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