Data Recovery from Water Damaged Samsung S5

I managed to get my Samsung s5 water damaged. It still turns on, still receives notifications, emits sound, the lock and volume buttons work and the navigation buttons light up, and one half of the touch sensors work (as the phone vibrates when I touch the right half of the screen). However, the screen does not work. I have plugged it into my pc via USB and the pc detects that there is a phone, yet states that there is nothing on it. Because I get notifications I know that the OS and some apps must still be saved on the phone.
My question is: 1. is there a chance my phone can be repaired?
                       2. if not, would you be able to get any data on the phone off of it? The most important thing for me is that I get my photographs back (I stupidly had not backed them up), so is it possible for you to get data off a broken phone?

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Hi there, we would need to put this phone in an ultrasonic cleaner and get rid of the corrosion. Can you book it in here as a water damage inspection please
Galaxy S5 water damage repair

  1. Oh I forgot to mention I cleaned it out with the reviveaphone package. Before I did that the phone was 100% non functional, so I believe that what was caused by corrosion has been fixed and the problems I'm experiencing now are due to fusing/turning the phone on after it got wet.

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