Economic repair

Hi, I purchased an IPad mini on Ebay with cracked digitiser. I replaced the digitiser and the IPad doesnt display. I read back the description of the purchase and they said that after the smash the IPad wouldnt switch off and the battery drained away.Testing the voltage of the battery it was low. It wouldnt charge when the charger was connected up, but the volts rare getting onto the PCB ribbon inside. So the volts are not getting to the battery connector.Charging up the battery by a bench PSU to 3.7 volts, the unit does appear to power up. (there is about 250mA draw from the battery) and the CPU board gets warm.I checked the display fuse and that is in tact.I now have run out of ideas.Can you advise whether the unit is economic to repair with this info please?

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Hi Stu since you have touched it we would not look at it, as we have found it is more hassle than it’s worth, for instance it is harder for us to diagnose the problem. Many Thanks


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