Fixing salt-water damage on gopro hero4 silver

Hi there,
I have an almost new gopro hero4 silver that I stupidly put in a rock pool with the skeleton back on the case instead of the waterproof one. Only a little salt water actually got in to the camera but it did short out. I kept it in rice for over a week, but it will not turn on. When I’ve tried to turn it on and then left the battery in, the camera has got hot, so some connections are working but obviously not enough.
I saw the option for water damage inspection for go pros on your website but then it said out of stock, so does this mean you don’t do it anymore? If you do, how much would it be for an inspection, and from your experience how likely is it that my camera is dead?

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Hi there!
Unfortunately salt water is the worst kind of damage your go pro can get. It will depend on how much of the water has reached your main board, and when its been getting hot, this can also be damaging to the main board itself. We still offer Water damage inspections, but we are snowed under with Go Pros at the moment, so it can take about two weeks. Just get it sent in with all of your details, and we can try our best get it sorted for you.
Many thanks!

  1. Hi, Thanks very much for getting back to me. As I say it was only a small amount of water that actually got in as the back of the camera was underwater for a couple of seconds at most and it wasn't fully submerged. Also once I realised it was getting hot I removed the battery again. I've been on the gopro hero 4 section of the site and it won't allow me to purchase an inspection as it comes up as out of stock. Is there another way to book this? Do I just need to post the camera to you?

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