Google nexus 5 power on / battery issue

Anonymous asked May 10, 2015

Hi, I’d like to know whether you could fix my phone and how much it’s likely to cost. A couple of weeks ago, my Google Nexus 5 started to turn off and on by itself. Then, the time on the phone changed to the wrong time for about 24 hours, then it went back to normal. Finally, the phone switched itself off and wouldn’t turn back on. When I do press the power button to turn it on (now only possible with a power source attached), the phone turns on, shows the Google text, then switches off and switches back on, only to go through the same sequence on loop. I found that, if I shake the phone slightly, the power on sequence can last a little longer (to where the coloured balls start to rotate), but then it would again switch off and on in the same way I’ve just described. From the symptoms, I think there’s some sort of faulty connection, whether it’s power button, battery or motherboard, but I’m not an expert. Does this sound like something you could fix and how much would it cost? Thanks Joe

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