GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Repair

HiI just wanted to enquire as to wether you think my GoPro is worth fixing or not.Last year I took it to Egypt on a dive holiday and it worked fine until the last day. Upon surfacing from a dive I was unable to turn it on, totally dead.I contacted GoPro directly and they ran through various ways of getting it to turn on but it wasn\’t having it. They said they could replace it under warranty but I can find the damn receipt! Hence my email to you.After the dive the housing had a couple of drops of water in it but nothing major, condensation I think.Do you think it could be fixed? And roughly what sort of cost would I be looking at?I had the LCD screen attached but I have no idea wether that was affected or not, could that be tested by yourselfs also if I sent it with the GoPro?I look forward to hearing from you.Kind RegardsJames Harris 

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