GoPro Hero 4 Silver – Issues Mic

Hi, my name is Laurentiu Ivan,
I have a gopro hero 4 silver and few days ago i saw some issues with the camera.
I don’t like when i film with standard case waterproof because i can’t hear very well the sound… so  i decided to buy a frame case from gopro company.
When i recording with the frame on camera, the frame pres to hard on the case of camera and you can hear in recording a sound something like “plisc plisc plisc…”sorry i don’t know how to call.
so i take it of the frame and i push it harder on the top of camera, start recording and then that issues sound as well.
I thing is a problem from the mic…
Can you give me a quote about this or if is need to replacement the mic or to do a service and maybe can be fixed?
Thanks a lot!

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