How long will it take to replace a right analogue stick on a ps vita?

Hi Repairs UK,

I bought a ps vita (pch-1003) on ebay and everything works fine except for the right analogue stick which doesn\’t work at all. There is no obvious damage from the outside and all the other buttons and sensors work fine so I assume its a simple job of replacing it.

How long will this repair take? I ask because some reviews online said that repairs were slow when you were busy before. All the other reviews said they were very impressed though.If its a reasonable time period then I will place an order right away.

Cheers, Joe

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Hi Joe we can do this in 3 days, as you state the reviews were from a previous company who could not cope with the amount of work, we (Touch Electronics) took over the domain name only in October and have a very good reputation. Here is the page you need to book it in
PS VITA Right analog stick replacement


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