How to request Nexus 5 boot loop cycle fix?

I have a Nexus 5 stuck in a boot loop cycle. It mentions on the site that it\’s possible for you to fix this, but doesn\’t provide a \’firmware\’ option in the drop down box. How would I request this service?ThanksSam Hutton

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Hi there!
Simply book this in under a ‘Diagnostic’ then we will attempt to reflash the device when it gets here. If its successful, you will have to pay an extra £20 (so £35 in total) and if it is unsuccessful we will call you to discuss your options (:
Many thanks!

  1. Perfect, thanks. Currently my micro usb port does not work, as something got melted inside of it. I currently charge it wirelessly. Will the port need to be used in order to reflash the device?Thanks again,Sam Hutton

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