Ipad mini Home button in a depressed state and no longer functioning correctly

Hi,   The iPad mini you repaired for my Son is working well, thank you.  My other Son’s iPad has a problem with the home button.  It is in a depressed state and no longer have a springing feel to it and only works if you press really hard. It doesn’t feel like it is all gummed up perhaps just worn out after 2 years of constant use.  Is area on the iPad repairable?  can you give me an idea on the cost if it is?  The iPad itself looks great, almost new so it seems a shame to bin it so would like to try fixing it if economical.   Thank you.   Randy Moore

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Hi Randy it is the cost of a screen repair as we will have to replace that as well as it is. Please book it in as a screen repair on the page below
iPad Mini Screen Repair


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