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Hi, I tried to replace my iPad Mini glass after I dropped it. I thought my repair was fine, but after I finished, the screen was dead. I think I may have accidentally blown the backlight fuse or dameged the LCD…feel like such a fool!
Can I ask roughly how much you would you charge to repair it?
Many thanks,
Scott Sim

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hi there Scott!
Sorry to hear this, we always warn people about doing repairs themselves, as it can cost more than first necessary if you cause more damage! But many people do this, so no need to feel like a fool, its something we hear very often!
To replace the LCD on an ipad mini, follow the link below, and select ‘LCD Repair’ on the drop down menu, this will then display the price. If you wish to book it in, simply follow it through the checkout (:
If it turns out to be something else when it comes in, we will obviously let you know and either Refund/charge accordingly. 
Your other option is to book it in for a ‘Diagnostic’. Then we can have a look and see what the exact problem is and go from there. (The diagnostic fee is deducted off of the overall price if anymore work needs doing, so it isnt an extra cost as such!)
iPad Mini Repairs
Many thanks!


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