iPad screen fix

Is the glass you use the same thickness as apple use on their ipad screens? Also why only a three month warranty? Surely that demonstrates a lack of belief in your products and service? If I choose to use you guys does that mean Apple won\’t  touch my ipad for any future potential issues? Keen to use you guys but just want to make sure I am not creating bigger more expensive long term problems for myself. Can you reassure me? 

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Hi we use genuine and high quality replacements, we only offer 3 months warranty but there really is not a lot to warrant on a piece of glass as the only way it breaks is by the customer dropping or damaging it and that is not covered. 
You are right though, Apple will not touch your iPad in the future but your warranty is now void anyway as you have smashed it and Apple do not cover accidental damage, Apple do however offer a replacement iPad for roughly £200.
Basically if you want to keep your warranty then choose Apple for £200 – if you want to go with us it is roughly £40 – £60. We mainly deal with out of warranty devices.


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