iPhone 6 dropped in water. Inspection fee shows £14.99 – can you advise roughly the usual repair fee (if applicable)?

Just enquiring to get an ideas of potential costs. This will not be considered a quote.

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Its difficult to estimate, due to the fact, we dont know how much damage the water has caused untill we’ve had a look.
Its very common with water damage that the screens get damaged, which is around £85. But it may be it needs more than one thing, or it may be that it needs nothing more that the board cleaned with our special solution, and then dried. (the second part comes under the Inspection)
We let you know what would need to be done, after the initial inspection, and what the cost would be. The overall cost then discounts the inspection fee you have already paid, so it isn’t an extra payment as such. Then as long as you are happy to go ahead, we get it sorted for you. And if not, we get the device sent straight back.
If you need any more information, feel free to give our staff in store a call, and they will be happy to help (:
Many thanks!


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