Microsoft Surface Pro not charging correctly

I own a Microsoft Surface Pro, recently I’ve been having issues with the device.  It suddenly stops charging and will not detect that the charger is plugged in. 
I don’t think that it is an issue with the charger itself as it does tend to work aft an hour or so.  I have followed instructions from Microsoft like uninstalling the battery driver and performing the updates. I have also reset the device back to factory settings.  The device then tends to charge for a few hours but then reverts back to plugged in, not charging.
If the device turns off altogether then the charger is not detected at all, but it will then detect it after a short period.  
I can’t see any damage to the charger, so I thought maybe there us a hardware issue?
Is this something you may be able to assist with?  And if so could you advise on the cost of the repair? 
Many thanks 
Guy Holden

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