My hero 4 is having trouble connecting to the LCD bacpac – is this something you can repair?

I know the screen isn’t broken as it works with my hero 3, and has worked before. Unfortunately I dropped it outside of the casing!!!

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Can you book them in as a diagnostic and post to us ? We can then inspect and find the fault
GoPro Hero 4 Repairs

  1. I'm a freelance camera man, so I'm sure that you can understand that I don't make a huge amount of money and I might need the camera at a moments notice. To be honest, you're the only company who has even responded to my question but I'm still a little hesitant to post off my £400 camera to someone I don't know, with no knowledge as to how much it might cost. The pins inside the connection are loose/broken - I know this as at least one fell out when it hit the ground. I'm not after a precise quote but a rough guide is all I'm looking for?
  2. Best thing to do would be to drive to us and see us in person ;) we cannot give a quote until we see the camera unfortunately.

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