My Samsung Galaxy 3 phone won't charge and has been slowly taking longer to charge, and not charging fully.

 My phone is now dead!  It lost charge and won’t charge up again.  It had been taking longer to charge up and not charging fully.  It was repaired for the same problem a few months ago and the problem developed again, I don’t know if you can help and be able to provide a long term solution as I don’t want to pay out to find the same thing happens again.  I just wondered whether you might be able to help and how much this is likely to cost?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Jess Wilson

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Hi there Jess!
Sorry to hear this! It could be a couple of things, either the Charging port, the Battery or worse case scenario the main board.
What i would suggest is follow the link below, and book it in for a ‘Diagnostic’. Then any repair that is needed will include the diagnostic fee.
We can then have a look and assess, to make sure that we have the correct solution for the problem. We will then give you call, let you know how much the cost to repair will be (This will include what you have already paid, so don’t worry!). Aslong as you are then happy to proceed, we will go from there, and get it completed for you. If not we will get it sent straight back (:
Samsung Galaxy S3 Repairs
Many thanks!


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