My Samsung Tab 2 screen won't turn on, but when I charge it, it heats up.

Hello, around 2 days ago, my Samsung tablet decided to break down on me, and I am very confused at what is going on. It was in the morning and as I picked it up and pressed the power button, the screen turns on from being in standby, because I hardly turn it off. I think it might be important to also say that I like to keep it charging on standby even when I’m not using it. But only a second later, the screen turns off by itself and I try to turn it on again but nothing happens! I then looked up on the internet what might be wrong with my tablet, but I haven’t found an answer that has solved the problem-the most common one being the method where you hold the power button and volume buttons for a specific time, and sometimes whilst being connected to the wall, or the computer. When it is connected, and I leave it there for at least 5 minutes, I can feel it warming up, so I can still tell that it is turned on, but the screen just doesn’t budge. I haven’t tried doing this whilst connected to the car. I have also tried cleaning the connectors to and from the USB charger that comes with the tablet-I used lens cleanser and the cloth that I use to clean my glasses with. But this didn’t work either, so I have decided to ask professionals instead of trying methods that might not even be completely true. Are these symptoms common, or is my problem rarer than most? Thank you for reading this and I hope you can help.

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Hi there!
I’m sorry to hear about your tablet! Hopefully we can get this sorted for you. As its heating up, it might be that the battery needs replacing, or possibly the charging dock. That can cause lots of problems like what you are having. But there is a small possibility that it could be something more complex than a battery replacement, so book it in for a ‘Diagnostic’ and let us inspect, and find where the problem is coming from, then we can go from there. Follow the relevant link below, to book it in (:
Samsung Tab 2 10.1 Repairs
Samsung Tab 2 7.0 Repairs
Many thanks!


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