My touch screen is cracked & non responsive, is there anyway to turn the machine off before shipping out for repair.

Anonymous asked May 2, 2015

My Google Nexus 7 Screen Has a crack from bottom right corner over to left side, about 1 inch up from left side. But my main problem is I have no touch screen, Doesn\’t work. for a short while, say about an hour, I was getting some response, tried to input my number code to unlock, but not all the numbers where responsive when touched, and some times I press a number once and multiple hits would show up i.e. I press 5 once then more than one 5 would show up. Now I have No response from touch screen other than the bottom middle button than you swipe to unlock, but it only swipes half way, if I franticly move over this button the number keyboard does appear but does not register my finger. I have no way of turning the machine off, would it be safe to send it to you guys to fix, will it over heat being rapped up while still on. or could I just let the battery run down.Thanks Brian

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