Nexus 4 touch deadzone

Anonymous asked May 5, 2015

Hey, my Nexus 4 has a deadzone on the screen, just where I need to swipe my code to unlock the phone. Everywhere else on the touchscreen is picking up my finger touching it, but not in this one patch. Unfortunately it’s a super important patch. I haven’t updated the android software in a couple of months because the update app I used went down and I never got round to finding a new one. So I thought that maybe it was a software problem, since the phone had been acting up the week before (it would start flashing and vibrating erratically when I plugged it into charge until the battery went dead). I thought I could update the software manually, using the reboot system and connecting the phone to my pc. But I have no programming experience and it seems daunting to change the code when I don’t know what I’m doing. Also I don’t know the build number of my phone, since I can’t access the settings to find out, so Idk which patches to download…
Although I think it’s the software, it’s quite possible that it’s the digitzer, although I have been very careful with my phone and this seemed to randomly happen one morning.
Can you do anything for my phone? I would like you to try updating the android system, if you can (bear in mind you can’t unlock the phone, so has to be via reboot) but I really don’t want to lose all my stuff, also I googled and restore factory settings doesn’t seem to help with touchscreen issues like this. I keep everything on my phone but I haven’t backed it all up so I’d be losing 2 years worth of stuff… If this doesn’t work though, then I think the next best bet is to replace the digitizer, but can it be the digitzer if only a tiny part of the screen is dead but the rest is working?
Any advice?

Thank you in advance, 

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Hi Karen,
Unfortunately, dead spots do just appear on some phones and tablets after a while, and there isn’t anything that will get the working again, other than a screen replacement. Then you can also do all your updates on the phone, rather than having to flash it through your computer, which can be a very confusing thing to do! (especially if you dont know what you are doing!)
So my advice would be to get the screen replaced, then you can do all the updating, and back up your data, the easiest way! And that way you wont be losing any of your information off of it either!
If you need any more help, please feel free to give us a call, and we can go over everything with you! (:
Many thanks


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