nexus 5 bricked?

Hi,My Nexus 5 won\’t boot. It just shows the Google coloured balls spinning on the screen continuously.I\’ve tried restoring it to factory settings and clearing the cache partition in recovery mode but it hasn\’t helped. I also tried unlocking the bootloader and doing an adb push of a new disk image via Mac and USB, but that hasn\’t worked either.I think it hasn\’t been successful as before my phone crashed I had not selected developer mode in the system setting not allowed USB debugging. Obviously I didn\’t know it was about to break and now because the phone won\’t boot I can\’t change these settings to allow a clean reinstall of an operating system.Do you think there is any way to fix my phone so it works again? Also I want to change the tamper flags to false in case I ever need to return the phone under warranty.Please advise as to whether you can help and if so, how much will it cost? Regards,Tom

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Hi Tom,
Unfortunately the only solution with that would have been unlocking the bootloader. As you have already attempted this, and it hasn’t been successful, it means that your logic board on the phone is damaged. Sadly this means that there is no more can be done to try and save your phone. If it is still under any kind of warranty, i suggest getting in touch with whoever it is with.
Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!
Many thanks


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