Nexus 5 microphone repair

I have a nexus 5 (32GB White purchased from Google Nov 2013). I had to replace the battery recently and the back cover as well, and since then, the microphone has mostly not been working. I can still use the device on speakerphone mode, but not on a call.
I’ve tried a number of things around adding in a bit of pressure above the battery (as per a couple of youtube videos) but it seems it’s either not that or it’s something else.
I’d like it fixed, enough to be able to sell it or pass it onto my wife.
How much is that going to cost?

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Hi there,
The best thing I suggest is to book it in for a ‘Diagnostic’. It sounds like you may have damaged the bottom dock, which to replace is usually around the £40 mark. But I obviously cant guarantee that’s what it is, until we have a look. The diagnostic fee will be deducted on any further costs that may incur, so it isn’t an extra cost as such (: You can book it in by following the link below, and select the ‘Diagnostic’ option on the drop down menu,
Nexus 5 Repairs
Many thanks!


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