Nexus 7 (2012) Repair

I believe my Nexus 7 motherboard may have died – do you offer a repair/investigation service for this?
The issue is that the device no longer boots up at all after it crashed whilst closing some cached apps. This has happened in the past and ive figured out how to resolve this using my steps below.
“Basically I could not get past the “boot loop” problem. My fix:
1./ Hold down power button and volume down. Into Boot Loader.
2./ If low on battery, use volume controls to change menu to power off and push power button to switch off. Charge up 100%.
3./ Hold down power button plus volume down. Into Boot Loader.
4./ Use volume to choose Recovery Mode menu option. Hit power to enter.
5./ Should see Android with open chest and “No Command” display.
6./ Hold down power button and hit Volume up once. This opens Recovery Menu.
7./ Choose “Factory Reset” then “Yes”.
8./ Then choose “Restart System”
9./ After a short while you are presented with the Language choice menu, as per when you first turned it on. Now sync with Google etc.”
The above steps now longer work on my device at all and i’ve tried everything else, including checking the battery and internal connections etc. It died when it had sufficient charge and there was never an issue with the battery/charging.
Hence i believe I may have a hardware issue :( 
Hope you can help!
Steve B.

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