Nexus 7 2013

My Nexus 2013 was working well until yesterday. I bought a new connecting cable a few weeks ago as the old one had become damaged, but have had no problems with this. Yesterday I had some issues with the charger fluctuating between working and not, which seemed to depend on the position of the device, but this was resolved. On using it it got down to 1% battery level without my noticing how low it had got, and in due course powered off. When tring to charge it today the battery level symbol appeared showing “Empty”, but failed to go to charging battery symbol mode. I have tried a number of the suggested routes to getting it to start charging (ie using both home and volume buttons etc etc) as indicated on the Nexus help pages, but to no avail. Is this likely to be a dead battery, or some other form of problem?

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This is usually caused by the charging circuit rather than the battery.
Here is a link for you to use if you want to book it in for repair


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