Nexus 7 battery replacement

Hi Repairs UK, I saw from your website that you offer Nexus 7 battery replacement.  From the behaviour of my Nexus 7 (old model) over recent weeks, I think this is what mine needs.It was discharging more quickly and taking much longer to recharge each time, eventually not recharging at all.  Now I cannot power it up. Google support, in PC World recommended the plug/unplug and button pushing fix, and there are many variations of this in Youtube but this is not working.Seeing the warranty has expired anyway, I looked inside to see if the battery connection cable had come undone but it looks fine to me.With you battery replacement service, do you supply the new battery, or would I have to source this myself?What do you charge for battery supply?, and for replacement service? Many thanks,Alan 

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Hi sorry for the late reply, yes this includes the battery and labour.


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