Nexus 7 stuck on Google logo / in bootup loop

My Nexus 7 2nd Gen froze last week on the Google logo and will not start up. I have done factory reset with the power and volume buttons but no joy. It isn\’t recognised when I connect it to laptop. It\’s 8 weeks out of warranty annoyingly! I have Googled this and it seems a common problem: lots of advice to reflash stock images, etc but I am not technically savvy enough to do that confidently. Please let me know if you think you can help and what kind of price I\’d be looking at. I want to know if I\’m better off writing it off and getting a Kindle Fire! ThanksShantayne 

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Hi there, we offer an “unbricking service” which should get your tablet working again. To book in this repair please visit this page
Repair Nexus 7 2nd gen stuck in boot loop


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