Nexus won't turn on and reboot.

My daughters Nexus 7 will not book up and get stuck on the Google re boot window. Looking at forums this appears a common problem and Google technical chat forum did not appear to be able to fix it. Can your company assist and also can the data such as songs and photos be retained?

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Hi there!
Unfortunately as you have said, this is a very common problem now. The problem is an odd one, as some can be fixed and others cant.
The only way we can know, is to try. So the best thing i can suggest is for you to book it in for a ‘Diagnostic’ and we can try to unbrick your device. If this is successful the full cost would be £40 (Inc the diagnostic fee)
Although with this, it is very common that anything that was previously on your device will already be lost. But we always try our best to recover/save a customers data, so if it can we saved, we will do that for you too.
Many thanks!


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