Playstation 3 disc drive

Anonymous asked June 9, 2015

My daughter’s playstation 3 (slim) has suddenly stopped playing any disc (bluray or dvd). The disc will go in, but after a few seconds the drive makes a sound as if trying to eject the disc, and the disc doesn’t show on screen.
Could you advice as to whether you think it might need a disc drive replacement, and if so, could you please let us know :
1 do you do that kind of repair?
2 she has a lot of data on there from downloaded and played games, and doesn’t want to lose that. Would a disc drive involve anything that would lose any data?
Many thanks in advance,

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Hi there!
It does sound like you need a disc drive replacement. But unfortunately at the moment we arent offering repair services on consoles. Hopefully this is only for now, and we will have the service back for orders in the near future.
Many thanks!


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