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Anonymous asked May 12, 2015

Good Morning. I have an ASUS transformer tablet. I think its a TF300, but Im not too sure, it was a present a couple of years ago. In my infinite wisdom, I had lent it to my Dad who proceeded to sit on it at the weekend!!! Oh dear indeed and a few choice swear words to boot! I was wondering if you could quote me on how much it would cost to fix and if, it can actually be fixed. The front glass is not broken and remains in one piece, however the layer underneath appears to be cracked. My bf thinks its the digitizer that is damaged…but Im not too sure. It was fully charged, but I am unable to turn it off and do anything with it as its just a screen of lines, with a couple of cracks.  Could you confirm if its something you are able to repair and give me an idea of cost please.  Or would you advise to simply purchase a new tablet.  Many thanks. Jenny 

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Hi Jenny!
Yes this sounds fully repairable, don’t worry! Its your LCD not the digitizer which is the fault here. The problem is, when the front glass comes off,  9 times out of 10 this breaks as well. So we only offer the ‘Front Glass and LCD replacement’.
If we can however still use the original glass that came with the device, then we do give discount accordingly.
You Can book this in by following the link below and select the ‘Front Glass and LCD Replacement’ on the drop down menu. This will then also show you the price.
Asus TF300 Repairs 
Many thanks


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