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Anonymous asked June 2, 2015

HI there,
10 days ago I went running with my phone in my top – since then the touch screen has been absolutely haywire – ghost keys continually typing, apps opening and shutting, and the only thing I can do with it is power it off by holding down the power key. I took it into a shop and they flashed it, but this didn’t do anything, as I suspected it wouldn’t.
I’m pretty sure I need a full screen replacement. Can I order that from you guys without the diagnostics?
Many thanks,
Ulyssa MacMillan

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Hi there!
Flashing wouldnt have made a difference to this problem, as the fault is with the digitiser. So yes simply book your screen replacement in with us by following the link below, and selecting ‘Front Screen Replacment’ on the drop down menu. Then add it to cart and follow through the checkout. Then all you have to do is get it sent to us, ad we do the rest!
Nexus 5 Repairs
Many thanks


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