Samsung Note 8 does not turn on, do you think you can fix it economically?

My son\’s Galaxy Note 8 (it is an 8 inch device with a pen and small charging socket) will not turn on. I have tried all sorts of button combinations and leaving it with battery disconnected without any luck.After reading some FAQ\’s, it seemed likely that the battery might be at fault, so I acquired another one from Ebay and replaced it. Unfortunately that doesn\’t seem to help.I don\’t know what might be wrong any more, it might be the micro-USB connector that\’s not letting any charge in, or the power button doesn\’t work, or a motherboard fault or I may have fixed the original fault but done something else nasty when I prised off the back to change the battery.As these devices have dropped to around £110 2nd hand on Amazon, can you advise if it is worth sending it to you to look at? The screen looks perfect and now I\’ve got a spare, new battery (unproven).

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Hi, with something like this we would need to inspect. Can you book it in as a diagnostic and post to us ?


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