Spot a poor sony Xperia Z3 Compact repair job

I recently took a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact into my local phone repair shop to get my screen and glass repaired after i had dropped it.

After the repair had been completed i noticed there were two what looked like air bubbles at both sides of the screen. As i used the phone more i noticed on white backgrounds that there were two yellow marks on each side of the screen and bright white spots on the screen.

I took my phone back to the repair shop and was told that i should bring it in with the receipt and they would sort out a replacement screen. When i took it in i was told by another member of staff that they were pressure marks and that it was due to my phone casing and that needs replacing as that was what was making my screen look like it does due to the fact the screen won’t sit flush as my casing wasn’t level.

He said there was no point trying to replace the screen with another as it would just do the same thing due to the casing and that i needed a new casing.

I have a feeling this repair shop have not done a careful enough job fitting the screen and are now trying to wriggle out of replacing it and im looking for a second opinion to back me up.

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Hi there,
Without seeing the phone, its hard for us to make a clear judgment. But if you are unhappy with the repair that they did, do go back to them and be consistent, as any problems when they phone left the store, should have at least been made clear to you as to why they are there. 
It could very well be a number of different reasons, but we cant comment, without seeing the work that has been done.
We hope you manage to get this sorted!
Many thanks


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