whether I need a replacement battery, or if it's something else

Anonymous asked May 7, 2015


I have had my Nexus 4 for a few years and recently had the screen replaced with Carphone Warehouse smashing it.

A few months after that I left my phone on charge for about 2 days or so by accident and it seemed like after that the phone would suddenly switch off even though it looked like there was battery there. Then, it has since only been lasting for about 30 minutes or so and would often switch off after something like taking a photo or opening an app.

The only thing is that the battery indicator doesn’t always seem to look like its draining down.

I was just wondering if this indicated it was a battery problem or if it was something else. It needs to be sorted out regardless and I am keen to use your services.

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Hi there Luke!
It does point to a battery problem. But as some of the points you have made, don’t necessarily come with a battery fault, i would suggest that you book it in under a diagnostic, and let us have a look, and make sure we pin point the problem. (The diagnostic fee is then deducted off of any repair you may need!) 
You can do this by following the link below, and selecting ‘Diagnostic’ on the drop down menu.
Nexus 4 Repairs 
Many thanks!


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