Why is my Nexus 7 stuck "erasing"?

Nexus 7 was running slow and freezing.  I wiped the cache, to no great efffect.  I ran it in safe mode and it seemed better, so I removed many apps I didn’t use, but still same problem.  I decided to factory reset it – and now it is stuck in a loop “erasing”.  Help!!

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Hi there!
Oh no! sorry to hear this! Unfortunately the boot loop that you describe is becoming a very common problem with Nexus devices! And to no rhyme or reason, some can be brought back to life again, and others cant!
The only way we will know, is if you send your device into us for a diagnostic, and then we will attempt to reflash your device. If it works, happy days, and if not we will return your device for you (:
Many thanks!


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