Xbox One DVD Drive

Anonymous asked May 22, 2015

Hi I’m currently in dispute with the retail of my Xbox One trying to get them to repair my Xbox one DVD drive.
I have spoken to Microsoft about the issue who have said it sounds like the known issue with the day one editions were the disc drive makes a grinding noise and won’t read the disc.
As my warranty is up I have gone done the sale of goods act route as I have only used the drive twice and after lengthy emails the retailer has asked me to get an independent inspection to determine whether it is a manufacturing faulty (known issue) or something I have done (nothing at all, been sat on desk since bought and not touched).
At this stage they only want a report and not a repair to determine the fault so they can then offer a solution.
I did ask Microsoft but they will only repair it and not issue any reports.
So what I’d like to know is first are you aware (I’m sure you are) of the faults with the DVD drives not reading discs. And secondly if you are able to check my Xbox one and provide a report determining the fault so I can send it to my retailer. Hopefully after I send them a report I will be able to send my Xbox of for repair.
thank you

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