xperia z1 bricked

Hi, could you please tell me if you would be able to fix my phone, and how much it is likely to cost?

It is an Xperia Z1 c6903. I had it rooted on Android 5.1.1 working fine. Then I claimed on insurance for a broken screen, and they felt the need to delete everything and restore it to unrooted 5.1.1… I then attempted to return it to Android 4.something, which is the first step towards getting a rooted 5.1.1, and in attempting to flash it, it broke and got stuck in a boot cycle. I then tried flashing different ftf files, which gave similar results, but with slightly varying points at which the restart would occur. I have now given up trying to fix it.

Would you either be able to restore it to unrooted or rooted 5.1.1? If so, what would be the price of each?

Thanks very much,

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Hi there James,
Unfortunately there isn’t anything more that can be tried if you have explored all of those options. The only way would be a replacement main board, which wouldn’t be viable for this model to be honest. Sorry!
Many thanks


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