How to clear the cache on XBOX ONE if you experience problems

Has your XBOX ONE been encountering problems and you need to clear the cache but do not know how Here is a handy tip on how to clear the XBOX ONE Cache?

Step 1 : Power down the console, unplug the power cable.  Wait for a couple of  minutes, then plug the power cable back in, wait for it to cycle from a white light to an orange light, and then turn the power on.  This will perform a cold restart of the system.

This operation has solved a problem where, when starting a game on the Xbox One, the system would show just the initial picture page of the game, and then return to the Home screen without starting the game.  This particular problem did not affect Apps on the Xbox One, but only games (downloaded or disc-based).  Once this operation was performed, the Xbox One was restored to full functionality.

An easier way is to hold the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds the console will make a noise different to a normal power down. After the console is completely shut down turn it back on and that will have cleared your problem. To be able to tell if it has worked when you go to start a game it will say syncing this shows that the Xbox has remembered all saved date on your console. This information was given to me by an Xbox assistant when I had problems.

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