How to connect PS4 controller to iphone or iPad

How to connect a PS4 controller to iPad or iPhone iOS8

Controllers for All is now available over at Cydia, and allows avid gamers to now use their PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 as fully-functional controller for iOS 8 gaming. This is a very significant development indeed, and if you’ve a jailbroken iDevice, read on for further to discover how you can set your DualShock 4 controller up for compatibility with some of the App Store’s hottest iOS 8 titles.

PS4 controller iOS8

The touch-screen has been adapted well by game developers, but despite these advances, there’s no substitute for a physical controller – particularly when engaging in one of those first-person shoot-’em-ups. Thus, MFi has been seen as a progressive move by Apple rather than a step back, but with most folks owning wireless-ready controllers already, going out and purchasing a new one is a bit rich – particularly given the price of iOS devices in the first place.

Controllers for All is fully compatible with iOS 8, as we’ve already told you about it before, and works flawlessly with games updated with MFi controller support. The list of compliant titles is growing by the day.

Setup is simple. Before doing anything, make sure Bluetooth is turned off on your device. First install Controllers for All tweak on your iOS device from Cydia. Once done, Head over to>Controllers for All->Controller Type and select PS4 Controller. Now tap the “Pair Controller” button, as shown in the screenshot below.

PS4 DualShock 4 Controller With iPhone

On the controller, press both the Share and PS buttons simultaneously when prompted to by the tweak until your PS4 controller blinks. Once done, run any iOS 7 MFi controller compatible game to start playing it with DualShock 4.

For a list of games to play check this link  MFi Games List

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