Fix galaxy Note 4 screen lag

How to fix screen lag on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hi guys have you noticed your Galaxy Note 4 screen has lag ? one of the biggest complaints has been the random lag and the lag that was always present when pressing the recent apps key.

We have found some various tips and after doing all of them, the Note 4 is considerably faster. I noticed that the recent apps key lag disappeared only after I disabled some apps, so I’m not sure which app was causing it to lag.

Here is a little guide to try:-

1. Wipe the cache partition by turning the phone off, then holding the volume up button along with the home and power button.

2. Use Nova Launcher and under the “Look and feel” settings, set Scroll Speed and Animation Speed set to “Faster than light”

3. Under Developer Options have all animations set to 1x.

4. Under Application Manager disable the following apps only if you don’t use them:
Caller Name ID, Device Help, DirectShareManager, DriveMode, Famigo, Flipboard, Games, Hancom Office 2014, Instagram, Keeper, , S Health, S Voice, TalkBack, Wallet (ISIS), and YP.

You should now notice your device is a lot quicker.


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