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Blackberry to rise again?



Ever since the release of the Iphone, black berry has been on a free fall. Stock prices and market share have gone down at a fast rate. This may be attributed to their failure to cope with the competition or it might just be the poor design of their phones. Do you remember the blackberry storm? Beautiful to look at but disastrous to use, it used to be known as the Iphone killer. The good thing is, all that may now be a thing of the past. The firm announced a 16pc increase in shares despite a reported $3 billion loss. This put together with the renewing of contracts by most government agencies shows that things are looking good for blackberry.

Despite the loss of market share when it comes to the everyday consumer, the phone didn’t totally lose its appeal to the corporate clients. In fact it’s the corporate clients that have kept the Canadian firm going for all these years. Why? You might ask why the firms would still prefer black berry. The answer is simple. It’s all about security and that is something the firm has been able to provide all the time. Recently the company even purchased Good Technology, a firm that deals a lot in data security.

Obama once said that he couldn’t use an Iphone because his security detail wouldn’t allow him. Do you remember the infamous selfie involving David Cameron, Obama and the Danish Prime minister? That photo was taken using a Blackberry. The fact that the most powerful man in the world uses the phone is testament to the security claim. Black berry might not be as big as it was back then but their appeal to the corporate clients is at a rise. This is due to their emphasis on security with apps such as BBM that provides a secure form of communication or the new black berry balance that allows an IT manager to remotely wipe a fired employee’s phone. These are all the things that most big corporate agencies are looking for.  In today’s online business world, nothing is more important than keeping company data safe.



Previously blackberry had lost most of its international appeal with companies such as Samsung and Apple taking up most of the market share. One thing that didn’t change is the public’s appeal to the app known as BBM, even though the phone isn’t as popular the app is. Most people use this app to communicate on their different phones.

The firm currently has a plan to change the market dynamics with the new CEO John Chen placing more emphasis on developing markets. The firm has started by providing cheap devices like the Black berry Z3 as well as acquiring a UK based start up known as Morvitu that deals in Virtual SIM cards. Morvitu develops a system where one SIM card can represent up to 9 SIM cards. This will definitely attract the developing markets where most users have phones that work with multiple SIM cards.


Black berry orchestrated its own downfall with their failure to cope with the market, the late launches of their new devices and operating system. Plus let’s not forget the developers who were left out in the making of black berry 10 Operating System. This caused the system to lack apps that most users cannot live without such as Instagram and Tumblr. That being said, things are not all bleak for the Canadian based firm. The introduction of the new CEO, John Chen, is a proof of this. He is more in touch with the market and has pushed for innovative features such as the Black berry balance. The firm is also acquiring different start ups in bid to still make its software and apps relevant to the current market. Although black berry might not be on top, it’s definitely heading there with its current policies. Blackberry has a lot of ground to make up in lost market share, but with the current direction it might not be long.

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