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Is the end of Charging Ports near?

So we have been reading more and more, into magnetic charging, or wireless charging, and people are predicting that by 2020 Apple, will have done away with charging ports completely. No more sockets, plugs, or messy wire connectors.

Sockets are awful, ugly, and ruining even the slickest devices. The ports themselves are a pain, stopping devices being slimmer, as nothing can be thinner than that port. As many of you, probably already know, these charging ports are prone to failure, and can cease working after a very short period of time.

There’s already an obvious trend to remove sockets and ports.. In May 2015, Apple’s new MacBook caused a stir, because it came with just the one port, a USB socket that also doubled as the power supply. The only assumption that can be made, is that Apple believes you just don’t need all these ports anymore, just like when they removed the floppy disk drive from their iMac.

When you look at it, in perspective, it’s not that big of a surprise. Everything slowly phases out, to be replaced by something more convenient, sleeker looking, and easier to use. The floppy disk was being entirely superseded by the CD-ROM and the USB flash drive, today’s cable-based connections are being rapidly replaced by the network.

Consider the iPhone or iPad. With all of the iCloud services turned on, there’s not really a reason to plug either into a larger machine, like your laptop or computer. Larger companies and businesses may need the external drives to support their data. , Is it really necessary for the rest of us though? With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, air drop, and other wireless options, most of your laptop’s sockets are used to charge other things: your biggest device wet-nursing all of your smaller ones.

Power is important, it’s true. But that 2015 MacBook’s spiel has a telling line.

“As long as we were going to include a port for charging the new MacBook,” it says on apple.com, “we wanted to make sure it was the most advanced and versatile one available.”

Fair enough, but consider the first clause: As long as we’re going to include a port for charging.

As of now, it’s no longer necessary. Socket-less charging is already here! The Apple Watch has it, many Android phones have it, even cafes in America offer it for free while you enjoy a coffee! Using magnetic induction, the power supply simply needs to be in the vicinity of the device you need to charge. Not inserted, into those nuisance charging ports, but simply alongside.

If the iPhone 8, for example, follows the path of the Apple Watch and uses magnetic charging, and ships with Bluetooth headphones, perhaps made by (recently bought by Apple) Beats, then it doesn’t need any external ports at all?

Though for the mean time, most of us are still going to bed, and putting our phones or tablets on charge every night, connected to the wall. So that’s why here at Repairs UK we offer a full range or Charging Port repairs, on many different devices! From Apple to Samsung, Tablets to phones! So if you are having problems with the ports on your devices, give our friendly staff a call!

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