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Nexus Christmas Deal!


It may be a little soon for Christmas, (still in November, but we are just too excited!) but we have an extra present for you this year (woohoo)! Up until Christmas we are offering a 10% discount off of NEXUS repairs, that are brought into our store! So either, book it in online, then bring it into store, and we can reimburse you the 10%. Or simply just bring it into store, and we can sort it all there!

Includes all the following Repairs, to the listed devicve:

Nexus Screen Replacements.

Nexus 4 Screen Replacement

Nexus 5 Screen Replacement

Nexus 6 Screen Replacement

Nexus 7 Screen Replacement

Nexus 7 V2 2013 Model Screen Replacement


Charging Port Repairs

Nexus 4 Charging Port Repair

Nexus 5 Charging Port Repair

Nexus 7 Charging Port Repair

Nexus 7 V2 2013 Model Repair


Battery Replacements

Nexus 4 Battery Replacement

Nexus 5 Battery Replacement

Nexus 7 Battery Replacement

Nexus 7 V2 2013 Model Battery Replacement


Any Repairs/Devices not listed on here, please call or pop in to verify, that they are included in the 10% discount offer!





So if you have a Nexus 4,5,6,7 that needs a repair, bring it to your local Nexus specialist!

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  1. […] The store will however, still be open until 1pm Christmas eve. So customers coming into store, can get their device fixed right up until then! And all of you with Nexus devices, can still take full advantage of our NEXUS CHRISTMAS DEAL! […]

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