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Nexus Repair Specialists

Don’t forget guys, we are specialist in Nexus repairs. From the Nexus 4 to the Nexus 7 2013.

So if you have a Nexus 6 with a broken screen, or maybe even a Nexus 5 that needs a Charging Port Replacement, we can have them sorted for you in no time. Even the slightly older Nexus 4, are still well worth repairing!

Research found that 2 in 5 of us walk around with a broken phone in our pockets or our bags. Repairs UK are here to help lower that number, so all of our devices can feel the love that they so deserve. I mean, where would we all be without or phone or our iPad? For most of us, our lives revolve around these devices, to be in constant contact with the world, whether its for work purposes, or with friends via social media. So these now vital devices to us, deserve more than to have bits of glass hanging off, or to be constantly on charge because of a faulty battery.

So if you want your  Nexus repaired, and looked after with care, get them sent to us today! Simply follow the correct link, easy!


Nexus 4 Repairs

Nexus 5 Repairs

Nexus 6 Repairs

Nexus 7 Repairs

Nexus 7  V2 2013 Model Repairs



Unfortunately as yet we cant offer repairs on the Nexus 9, due to no parts being available in the UK, but we hope to add this to our list, as soon as they are, so keep checking back!


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