Playstation 4 Share Play feature

PS4 2.0 update – Game share feature is awesome

SONY has recently released the new 2.0 firmware and what an update this truly is (possibly the best update of all time) Now lets see Youtube traffic rise tenfold as gamers share their moments straight to Youtube.

PS4 2.0 Game Share Play


The new update 2.0 features Share Play which allows users to share games with your friends who don’t even own the game, what a smart move we say. Now when my mate gets stuck and needs my help he can just let me take over in my front living room and help him. The idea behind Share Play, the most prominent feature of Sony’s soon to arrive and feature-packed Firmware 2.0, is that it enables you to pass the controller to a friend as if you were sitting on the sofa together (coooool)

There are a few limitations, such as a 720p resolution and unspecified framerate cap to the host machine’s stream, and a 60 minute limit to each sharing session. Both host and guest need to be PS Plus subscribers for the Play a Game Together mode as it’s effectively multiplayer, while for the Give Controller to Player option, only the host needs to be a subscriber.

PS4 2.0 share to Youtube

Sony has also beefed up live streaming, which lets you watch active games as they’re being played. You can now tap into a new category called Featured, which displays streams from your friends. A Games list lets you sort and watch streams from specific game titles. You can add specific streams to a Favourites list and toggle between watching live and archived streams.Want to broadcast your own gameplay via your own channel? Sony now lets you add a custom message for your viewers and tweak the appearance of your videos through the camera video settings.


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