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Refurbished Uniwell Tills

Here at Touch Electronics we have a selection of Refurbished Uniwell tills always for sale.

These include the Uniwell Dx890 and Dx895 Touchsceens

If you need an extra Till for the busy season why not give us a call on Witney 01993 706070


Product Description

Uniwell DX-895 Till Sales and Till Repairs, Touch Electronics

The clever design allows the DX895 EPOS touch screen system to sit on any PC-based network, they even have the power to send out daily reports to the internet so you can view your reports anywhere anytime.

Intuitive and easy to use the 10.4” touch screens make operations a piece of cake for users, a real benefit in an industry with high staff turnover rates. With no hard disk drive, no moving parts and solid state memory these EPOS terminals keep failure rates to a minimum.

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