Samsung Galaxy Alpha harder to repair than iPhone 6

THE SAMSUNG GALAXY ALPHA is a very tricky device to take apart, iFixit has also shown this in its teardown of the Alpha, with the smartphone ranking as harder to repair than the iPhone 6.

Samsung released the Galaxy Alpha earlier this year, and iFixit have also decided that it is the time to pull it apart to see how easy it will be for buyers to repair it.

Not very, is the answer, as the teardown experts have slapped Samsung’s metal-clad smartphone with a repairability score of five out of 10, lower than the seven out of 10 scored by the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. This is largely due to the amount of adhesive used under the bonnet, with iFixit noting that this made prying the device apart extremely difficult.

“We spent about half an hour heating and prying around the edge of the front panel until we were ready to lift it up without destroying anything,” iFixit said.

“The display assembly is held in with a significant amount of adhesive and requires very careful prying and a considerable amount of heat to remove without cracking the thin glass or cutting cables.”

The teardown team also bemoaned the Galaxy Alpha’s super-thin display panel, saying, “ultra thin display glass makes the job tougher than ever”.

It added, “We’d like to take this moment to complain about having to travel through the display assembly to get to the motherboard and other internal components—cameras, vibrator, buttons, and speakers are all on the far side of a repair ordeal if they ever need servicing.”

There was a glimmer of good news for those who have already picked up the handset, as iFixit praised the phone for its easily removed battery.

“Replacing anything other than the battery requires first removing the display, risking extra damage on the way to a repair.”

Don’t worry though here at Repairs UK we will be repairing this device shortly. Stay tuned

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