Samsung Gear 3 smartwatch release date

Samsung Gear 3 Smartwatch release date

Samsung Gear 3 Smartwatch will come soon in market with

a new design

Samsung does not want to put the brakes on the emerging market for smartwatch, although the company already has no less than 5 smart watches in less than one year. Although the company dominates this sector with some comfort, it is not nearly profitable enough for you to consider a similar commitment in terms of research and development in the smartphone market.

Samsung Gear 3 Smartwatch..!!

However, Koreans do not cease in its efforts to launch a smartwatch it be possible to blow up the powder keg that is currently the industry smart watches. While Apple still silent about its iWatch, the Samsung Gear 3 would be the next smartwatch company that is already under way and could hit stores in the coming months.

The new Samsung Gear 3 device would be much more interesting than all of the above in the same class that Samsung has released so far. For one, its design would include a new curved screen, which could be even steeper than it currently incorporates theGalaxy Fit. In addition, the Samsung Gear 3 have AMOLED screen would be slightly more rectangular than square and come with a much thinner bezels.
samsung gear 3

If the rumors regarding its design and promise, the new features are not far behind. For example, it says that could incorporate a sort of rectangular Home button like those found in many smartphones from Samsung. Also, would also have cellular connectivity, which has also been rumored that incorporate Gear Solo, another smartwatch in which the company works.

Samsung could provide new details on their new devices in the event wearables

September 3

This time, it seems that Samsung would bet not to introduce an integrated camera inSamsung Gear 3, which, personally, I appreciate considering what they did with thefirst Gear. As for the rest of their potential features still do not know anything, but what is not in doubt is that this Samsung Gear 3 will be much more capable than before.

samsung gear 3

Samsung is expected that information on their new line of wearables in the event that will take place on September 3, in which the company will present the Galaxy Note 4be left hovering the Samsung Gear 3 there?

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