Samsung S6 screen Replacement

Samsung S6 Screen Replacements available NOW!

As some of you may already know, Repairs UK offer repairs on most of the Samsung range, all at reasonable prices. So we are happy to bring the two newest Samsung devices, to the work bench!

I’m betting those of you who are thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a S6 Edge, are you worried about what to do if the screen breaks? Where can you get a Genuine Samsung S6 screen replacement? Or maybe you already have one, and this disaster has already happened to you, and you can’t find anywhere to replace the screen for you, without taking out another mortgage?

Well Repairs UK are happy to announce, that we now offer GENUINE Samsung replacement screens, for both the Samsung S6 and the Samsung S6 Edge!

So no more, getting shards of glass stuck in your thumb, or cutting your ear when you answer the phone!

Book a repair with us today!


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